14 March 2022

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin (Born 7 October 1952)

1975-1990 KGB
The Russian Federation was born in 1991 when the Soviet Union (USSR) was dissolved.
1990-1996 Saint Petersburg Administration
(Boris Yeltsin - 1st President of Russia 1991-1999)
1996-1997 Deputy chief of the Presidential Property Management Department
25/05/1998 First Deputy Chief of the Presidential Staff
15/07/1998 Head of the Federal Center
25/07/1998 Director of the Federal Security Service (FSB) (Formerly known as the KGB)
1999 Acting Prime Minister
2000-2008 President of Russia
(Law of a maximum of 2 consecutive 4 year terms)
2008-2012 Prime Minister of Russia
(Dmitry Medvedev - 3rd President of Russia 2008-2012)
Prior to the 2012 elections, the law was changed from a 4 year term to a 6 year term, to take effect from the 2012 elections.
2012-2024 President of Russia
(Law of a maximum of 2 consecutive 6 year terms)
In 2020, a new law was added to allow an existing president, the opportunity of 2 additional consecutive 6 year terms.
2024-2036 President of Russia ?
(Law of a maximum of 2 additional consecutive 6 year terms)
Putin is almost guaranteed to remain in power until 2036.
I always say - “People always get what they vote for.”

(All details come from the Wikipedia article, and exclude all details of fraud, vote rigging, and corruption.)

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