08 March 2022


In 2020, the world looked at the USA in horror as the greatest corruption in a Presidential Election took place. People of Conscience around the world stood with the Americans who were deprived of a free and fair election. A corrupt politician, Biden, was elected and the World Press brushed the corruption under the carpet.

In 2014, Obama and NATO handed over Crimea to Russia, and now in 2022, Biden and NATO are handing over Ukraine to Russia.

The world thinks that the only illegitimate governments are those of Russia, China and a handful of African countries, but every country that stands by while Ukraine is taken over by Russia, is just as complicit in the Russian actions.

So for the few of us that have a Conscience, and refuse to watch the Winter Olympics in China, or refuse to purchase Chinese products, we will continue to speak out of the injustices in the world.

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