10 March 2022


It is easy to get distracted by Russia’s invasion of surrounding lands, but China has been doing it since 1949, and North Korea wants South Korea.

The difference between these 3 communist countries and Germany, is that Germany was led
by a charismatic leader, who inspired his people to support his plan of territorial expansion.

Russia, China, and North Korea do not have charismatic leaders, but only lowly dictators.
Remember what happened to the lowly dictator Saddam Hussein?

What these leaders do not realise, is that when they are gone, their actions will be reversed, and
these lands will become independent again.

How long will Putin live, and remain in power?
How long will Communism exist in China?
How long can North Korea hold on to its suffering people?

The world is now closing its doors to Russia.
It is time to do that to China.
If you stop buying Chinese products, China’s overpopulation will cause it to implode!
If you continue to support it, you will funding it’s military!

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