09 March 2022


In 2016, we the English people and some of the rest of the United Kingdom, voted to leave the European Union. We did that because we are a people of courage and integrity. We were tired of bureaucrats in Brussels overruling our decisions and our laws. To us a Principle is far more important, than the consequences.

When we stood up to Germany, we were no match for Germany’s War Machine, but we had the United States of America on our side. Even if we had no one on our side, we still would have stood up to Germany, because our integrity as a people, revolves around a principle of knowing the difference between what is right and what is wrong.

Are you a person of Integrity?
Do you continue to support immoral people, and biased organisations like, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and others, or are you prepared to stand up to immoral people, and biased organisations, and switch to Telegram, Gettr etc.

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